The HVAC-R industry is an excellent career choice, providing a challenging, yet rewarding, financially secure future. This industry is expanding at an alarming rate. The sad truth is…the number of people entering the field is at an all time low. Companies are scrambling to find good service technicians. Even if you are not in the field, you most likely experienced the effects of the industry shortage. It is not uncommon for many small HVAC companies to be booked two weeks out on their customer calls. This is absurd, and can be dangerous and costly.

This website is devoted to the recruitment of our next generation HVAC-R service technicians. On this website, you will find an inside perspective of the HVAC-R industry, sharing our 30 years hands-on experience in the field. We hope you find this information helpful and encouraging. Feel free to connect with us on any of our social platforms. Be blessed.